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Grade 2 + Curb Stomp (Oi! aus England und Dortmund)


Don't Panic Essen
Viehofer Platz 2 45127 Essen Germany
Grade 2 are described as having a - "highly melodic but powerful sound, Grade 2 remind you of bands such as; Lion's Law or even the old Legends the 4 Skins The boys have kept their teenage freshness (they are still not older than 18!) and denied to do experiments: "Oi! The New Breed" is still marching on and Grade 2 is with no doubt one of the best new Oi! bands in Europe these days." - Contra Records

Curb Stomp are an upcoming antifascist Oi!-group from Dortmund, Germany who formed in April 2012. Often accompanied with "the Oi!-sound of the '90s" their first release received throughout good critics. 2015 was a busy year playing and organizing shows throughout Europe, moving to a bigger rehearsal room, writing and recording new material for a single, released in cooperation with Contra Records and Crowd Control Media.

Einlass ab ca 19:00 Uhr / Beginn ca 20:00 Uhr!
Das Konzert endet Arbeitnehmerfreundlich gegen 22:30 Uhr!

VVK: 7 Euro zzgl VVK Gebühren
Abendkasse: 9 Euro
VVK Tickets OHNE GEBÜHREN können während der Öffnungszeiten an unserer Theke erworben werden!

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