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5óMatic's (Hydromatic Rockabilly with a Swing) + Artland Brothers


Don't Panic Essen
Viehofer Platz 2 45127 Essen Germany
From way down under at the South-West coast of the Netherlands. 5 guys familiar with rockabilly music started their Rockabilly crusade in September 2013. Over and over they rehearsed , almost 2 years of time , and a lot of sweat and blood it took to conquer several stages and festivals. But it was worth the effort , the songs they have always wanted to play to sound them just as the music from the early 40’s & 50's with their own style. All mixed up comes with a Hydromatic Rockabilly style. While also delivering stunning renditions of the original 50’s Rockabilly and Rock-n-Roll tunes with a rare passion that sets them apart from the rest.
This rockin’ formula makes sure to set your feet a-tappin’ and your hips a-shakin’. "Making even the tamest people get a little bad"! So if all what is written above has made you curious, leave the house instantly, jump right in your car and meet this 5-ó-Matic’s in the nearest place around to fully enjoy a long lasting dose of good ole Rockabilly with a Hydromatic Swing….

Aus dem Outback des Osnabrücker Lands in den Ruhrpott. Die Artland Brothers um den trinkfreudigen Kirchenorganisten Teddy Taste haben sich 2012 durch Zufall am Tresen einer
Landkneipe in Niedersachsen wiedergefunden. Seitdem gehen sie über die Dörfer mit ihrem rauen Mix aus Rockabilly, Country und Cajun. Im Repertoire wird u.a. den Cramps oder auch Ralf Bendix gehuldigt. Immer mit Verve und Hingabe, als wäre der Rock‘ n‘ Roll gerade erst erfunden worden.

VVK 8 Euro / AK 10 Euro

Einlass: 19.00 Uhr
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr

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